HP 342 Color

Boje Printeri inkjet HP 342  / HP C9361E   Color

Pershkrimi : Perdoret per modelet e printerave : HP DESKJET D4145, D4155, D4160, D4163, D4168, 5440
HP OFFICEJET 6304 AIO, 6305 AIO, 6307 AIO, 6310 AIO, 6313 AIO, 6314 AIO, 6315 AIO
HP PHOTOSMART 2570, 2573, 2575, 2575V, 2575XI, C3100,C3110 AIO, C3125 AIO, C3135 AIO, C3140 AIO, C3150 AIO, C3170 AIO, C3173 AIO, C3175 AIO, C3180 AIO, C3180, C3183 AIO, C3183, C3188 AIO, C3190 AIO, C3193 AIO, C3194 AIO, C4110 AIO, C4140 AIO, C4150 AIO, C4180 AIO, C4183 AIO, C4188 AIO, C4190, 7830, 7838, 7850, 7850V, 7850XI
HP PSC 1507, 1510V, 1510XI, 1510S, 1510, 1513, 1513S, 2570, 2573, 2575, 2575V, 2575XI




Boje Printeri Inkjet HP 342 Color

HP C9361E


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